In eyes of others

“I know Mr. Khaled +3 years ago, he is really kind. I like his success story so much.”

Abdelrahman Eliwa, Business Development Manager, Moheet Media Co.


“Khaled is one of kind man. You can tell if a person is a good CEO or not and after working directly with him he is definitely one of the few good CEOs. He got talent, knowledge and persuasion to be the first-mover in building very efficient and effective electronic marketing network in the Middle East and North Africa. And he always looks for opportunities to expand his business.”

Naji Abdelraziq, Business Development Manager, E-Marketing MENA


“Khaled, no words can describe working with him, every time I think of writing something, words fade away, but I will try my best this time, first of all I am most grateful to Allah in this life, then to Khaled, who gave me the opportunity to start with him back in 2005, while I had no work experience, I was hesitant at the beginning as I understood nothing about the digital industry, but Khaled had a vision and that vision came true! We were two only at the incubation of eMarketing back then, I learned a lot from a true CEO, who taught me from A to Z, and I really enjoyed working with him, because I felt I was working with a big brother, in a flexible and fun environment. Khaled is not only an inspiration of pure entrepreneurial spirit, but also a true mentor, with vast experience. Being close to Khaled during our journey allowed me to gain experience in various fields in the digital industry, that helped me in growing my career. Khaled dedicated a lot of his time in sharing all the knowledge he gained through the years. Unlike others, he was able to create a company from zero and confident enough to grow it with his true leadership skills and managerial capabilities. It is saddening that time has come for him to take a new track in his successful life, but we will surely always be in touch, as his advisory role will always be needed along with his deep consultation expertise that he posses, as well as our close friendship. Khaled's story in the digital industry in this region, should be written in books, taught in related school courses, lectured about in seminars, and featured in business magazines and newspapers. I always witnessed people's interest in his successful story and I was always proud to be a person so close to him. Thanking him for all this, isn't enough, as he had invested a lot of his time & resources and hopefully the day will come where I will be able to return all his favors. Thank you very much!” October 30, 2009

Mohammad Khartabil, Online Media Manager, e-Marketing Mena