In his words

Dear Friend,

1st of all I would love to thank you for taking some of your time to explore my website, which as I hope will be a very interactive way for communications between us.

I have working in the Online industry for more than 9 years now, helping publishers in getting profit from their website, & helping agencies finding the right network for it's clients, now after selling my company to Jabbar Group (Former Maktoob Group) I think its time for me to get personally not only as a business in this online world, and socialize with the great online activists, specially the entrepreneurs of the Arab world.

You can pick your favorite platform to communicate with me since am almost covering all of social media channels now (Thanks to & Companies) which covers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Website & My blog, soon will be launching my youtube channel & flikr photo stream.

My main goal through all of these great tools is to share my experience & my success story, to give a push for passionate people to learn & achieve, I will be always ready to listen, to advice & sometimes to support if I really believed in your idea, so lets keep in touch.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestion to improve this website & make it even better.