About Khaled

The Jordanian entrepreneur Khaled Jabasini was born in 1970 and has earned a degree in Architectural Engineering in 1993 from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Throughout his career, Jabasini expanded his horizons to the GCC and started his work in 3D animation, TV production and Multimedia from 1993 to 1996, based out of Jordan and Qatar. He also mastered the web field and graphic designing / development project management in Saudi Arabia and Qatar from year 1996 to 2000.

In year 2000 throughout to 2002, Khaled was responsible for online advertising with Makoob.com as the GM for Saudi Arabia’s office; whereby he assisted in developing and building the office platform; supported by Ahmed Nassef – VP of Maktoob.com.

Before starting E-Marketing MENA in Dubai, Khaled was a Country Manager in "Saudi Arabia" with Net Advantage from year 2002 to 2005 - the first online media network in the region – and have worked and developed Net Advantage www.netad-vantage.net (the first Arab website network in the GCC including Flagship websites such as www.aljazeera.com , www.showtimearabia.com , www.zawya.com , www.menafn.com, www.hawaaworld.com , www.kooora.com); with the support of his mentor Khaldoon Tabaza (CEO of Net Advantage). Khaled also managed to increase the regional online ad spend from $800,000 to Millions of Dollars throughout his stay with the company.

While time was passing, Khaled always dreamt of starting off his own entity that will be of assistance to the digital world in the Middle East; and knowing his background he is one of the few people who helped online Advertising grow to folds in the region throughout the years since 1996. He had a vision of helping Arab originated websites thrive financially, while at the same time, achieve an effective and efficient online media campaigns for the advertisers.

In 2005 Jabasini established his own company in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai and precisely in "Dubai Media City" and became the CEO of E-Marketing MENA. He established the biggest online media "website network" including (more than 120+ websites such as www.facebook.com , www.aleqt.com , www.aawsat.com , www.alriyadh.com , www.okaz.com.sa , www.vip600.com , www.jeddahbikers.com , www.uaeWomen.net , www.bdr130.com , www.elaana.com , www.bintnet.com , www.sedty.com , www.3roos.com , www.ekaar.net , www.tdwl.net , www.mobile4arab.com , www.arabnokia.net , www.6rb.com , www.bramjnet.com and even Egyptian websites www.ahram.org.eg , www.gawab.com , www.moheet.com , www.paramegsoft.com , www.borsaat.com , www.myegy.com , www.filgoal.com) reaching 39 million unique users and delivering 1.4 billion banner impressions per month.

Khaled increased the online advertising spent industry in the MENA region by introducing new models of advertising sales in the ME (such as CPC, CPA, CPL and search marketing)

E-marketing MENA today is renowned to " iKoo Media www.ikoo.com " acquired by Maktoob Group which is now rebranded as "Jabbar Internet Group www.Jabbar.com"; that made the 16 year experienced entrepreneur the 1st online self-made millionaire in the Arab World.